Is there a trick?

No, this is only the measure of electric micro-currents traversed by the plant, transformed into sound frequencies.

What’s the point?

The main goal is to make pretty music that is ideal for relaxing.

But we also want to look at whether this sound can be interpreted as a language: a first step in communicating with plants.

One could also wonder whether there is a link between the sound frequencies and the therapeutic properties of some plants.

Which relationship between electromagnetic waves and plants?

The initial idea of the project “The Symphony of Plants” was to look at whether electromagnetic waves from WiFi, mobile phones, and others tablets may have an impact on plants; and whether CMO protections (core business of CEM-Vivant) may negate this impact, thus allowing the plant to enjoy a normal life.

By analyzing the melodies generated by plants when and when not subjected to electromagnetic waves will help us answer these questions.

Who can participate in the project, and how?

The technical measurement files will be available to all, in free access, so that everyone can contribute their skills if they wish.

Where to buy the U1 device?

On, retailer

Is there a summary of the results of studies?

The creation of a website is in progress…

Is there a congress on the subject?

The first one took place in Paris un May 2017:

Others will be announced soon