One electrode is placed in the ground near the roots, one on the leaf of the plant. The device measures electric micro-currents that travel through the plant. These are turned into sound frequencies that are transcribed in a MIDI file, effectively extracting music straight from the plant (

This is the same as creating a music piece or a book. When you have a piece of music, you can choose how to interpret it based on the instrument you use and the way you play it. In the same way, a book can be read with different tones and voices: with a high or low pitch, with a theatrical, tragic or comedic tone. Yet the source material always remains the same.

Sound recordings for the “Symphony of Plants” are done in stereo with two, three, or even four devices. These multiple sound recordings also allow us to measure the coherence of the music.

The overall effect is magical, almost as if the music notes are raining down. The music is generally coherent but erratic enough to always be enjoyable: ideal for relaxing. Some even say it has therapeutic effects and if you yourself are a therapist then you are welcome to continue research in this field.

The plant can thus generate harmonious sounds; the Symphony of plants is born!

One of our goals is to understand if the plants have their own language; another is to measure the possible impact of electromagnetic waves on plants…and there are many more applications.